Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

Pasta, pasta, pasta! It is one of the first images that pop into your head as soon as you think of Italy, and for good reason too! Italy produces about 1,432,990 tons of pasta per year! Pastificio Artigianale is a quaint store located behind the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. They make several different types of fresh pasta right there in the store!

While visiting, the employees there explained how to make the fresh pasta. First, they begin with the dough. They make the dough out of flour, olive oil, salt, and eggs. They combine those ingredients and whisk them all together. After they knead the dough out and let it rest for a bit, they insert the dough into a machine that slowly extends and rolls out the dough at the same time. They continue this process about three or four times before it is ready to be cut into smaller divisions. When this is done, they then insert the smaller dough pieces into a different machine that slices the dough into the proper size for whichever type of noodle the customer has chosen. They then weigh the noodles into the proper weight and sell the individualized packages customized to what the customer requested!

Pastificio Artigianale also sells organic Chianti wine and olive oil! You can either buy the wine by the bottle or bring an empty bottle with you and fill it up for only two euros!

However, if you just want to make your own fresh pasta and drink Chianti wine with the company of professional chefs, you should book a Cooking Class and Market Tour with Florencetown! There you can make your own pasta, sauce, and dessert and enjoy the freshly made meal all at the end of the class!

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